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TKR Heavy Equipment Hire – World Class Working Policies

At Thomas Kingsley Heavy Equipment Hire we have a set of working policies that meet the Australian Standards, we have always strictly enforced these policies to ensure a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly work place for our employees, and to further ensure that all our customers receive world class working standards.

We only use certified Safety Products and Equipment Supplied by Mindustries Brisbane

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Hydraulic Augers and Hydraulic Hammers for Hire

We offer a range of hydraulic augers, hydraulic headers (twin headers or pineapples), hydraulic hammers (rock breakers) attachments for hire, suitable for excavators from 1.7 tonne to 85 tonne. Our range of Auger attachments also make piling and boring projects easier – whether you are using excavators, backhoes or skid steer loaders. We can also make custom auger headers for specific requirements.

Atlas Copco SB102Suit 1.1 ton to 3 ton excavators

Atlas Copco SB302Suit 4.5 ton to 9 ton excavators

Atlas Copco MB750Suit 10 ton to 17 ton excavators
Atlas Copco MB1700Suit 18 ton to 34 ton excavators

Atlas Copco HB3100Suit 32 ton to 52 ton excavators

Atlas Copco HB4700Suit 45 ton to 80 ton excavators
Atlas Copco HB7000Suit 70 ton to 120 ton excavators

Hydraulic Headers

Simex TF100Suit 1.7 ton to 4 ton excavators
Simex TF200Suit 2.5 ton to 7 ton excavators
Simex TF400Suit 6 ton to 12 ton excavators
Simex TF100Suit 1.7 ton to 4 ton excavators
Simex TF200Suit 2.5 ton to 7 ton excavators
Simex TF400Suit 6 ton to 12 ton excavators

Hydraulic Augers

Digga / Auger Torque Suit excavators, backhoes and skid steer loaders
Custom Augers Suit rock applications, fitted with rotating tungsten carbide teeth

Rock Saws, Grabs, Buckets for Hire

Our hire fleet includes a comprehensive offering of attachments available including rock saws, sub soil saws, diamond saws, rippers, rock grabs, versatile buckets, 4 in 1 buckets, jaw crusher buckets, road groomers and brooms. These attachments can be hired individually or fitted to skid steers, bobcats, excavators or graders where appropriate. Reach out to TKR today to talk about how we can hire a speciality attachment to fit your machines, or ours, or how we might design something perfect for your unique application.

ShawX Suit 13 ton to 48 ton excavators
Tungsten Carbide Tip Suit 14 ton to 35 ton excavators
Diamond Segment Tip
Sub Soil Drainage up to 300mm wide trench
Optic Fibre 170mm wide trench Suit 14 to 25 ton excavators

Pipelifting and Trenching Equipment for Hire

Our pipelifting attachments are particularly useful in pipelaying projects and when working with services, and we offer a range of vacuum solutions mounted on either excavators or wheel loaders to work along pipelines to stack and lay PE ( Polyethylene) and steel pipe with precision. We also offer customised solutions such as loader mounted forks to suit 20 PE pipe.

Vacuworx Excavator mounted vacuum pipe lifting solutions
ShawX Loader mounted vacuum pipe lifting solutions
Vac-lifts to suit 5 ton to 35 ton excavators

Specialist Excavator Attachments

Crusher bucket
Saw Cutter